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Many people are wondering what kind of vacuum cleaner family is best today? Because it is one of the most popular and important household items for modern living families. Not only does it expose the labor of women, but it also saves time during housework. That is the reason that more and more types of vacuum cleaners from low to high.

The variety of models, types, cost of this product makes many people always find it difficult to choose. The question that many people consider a lot is the best household vacuum cleaner today. If you are looking to buy a vacuum cleaner for your family. So take a few minutes to refer to the following article. With a detailed evaluation of the top 10 vacuum cleaner family brands by year 2017. It will show you the advantages and disadvantages of each  vacuum cleaner. Let's find out more about the best household vacuum cleaner products. You can choose for yourself a good vacuum cleaner and best suited.

1. The Hitachi CV-BA22V is the best household vacuum cleaner available today at the price of 4 million
The CV-BA22V is the best household vacuum cleaner available today. With high capacity, originated from Japan. It is best suited to the average floor area. The price is slightly expensive about 3.7000. However, the quality is quite good so you can rest assured.

Advantages of this family vacuum cleaner:

This family vacuum cleaner has a powerful suction power of 2,200W. Moreover, the volume of dust up to about 6 liters. Also equipped with a very modern 7-step Nano Titanium and HEPA filter. It purifies the air after passing through the vacuum cleaner. The best household vacuum cleaner is equipped with many accessories such as vacuum head, suction head, dust brush, dust head ... extremely convenient. Moreover, it can automatically adjust the gravity by advanced technology. Plastic equilibrium is good, less stain, easy to clean. Some samples can be seen clearly inside the body. Use dust container, cyclone and dust technology. Suction tube easily change the length, can change the direction quickly but the hips are over
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  • The disadvantage of this machine is due to high suction power so the machine noise is quite noisy.
  • The price is quite high about 3.7000 so it is not really suitable for the income of many families.
2. Bosch GAS 11-21 Professional Vacuum Cleaner with price over 3 million
  • Bosch is one of the big German brands. However, what makes their home appliances not really popular is the high price. If your family is better off then this is one of the products worth your attention. The best household vacuum cleaner GAS 11-21 is a professional household vacuum cleaner that fits in with the large floor area.


The appeal of this machine is that it sucks and cleans well with a 21 liter water tank, extremely convenient. Strong power with a capacity of 1.100W. Made from good material, equipped with spring lock convenience ...

  • Short warranty time is only about 06 months.
  • It is heavier than other products on the market. If you have to move up the stairs you will be a little harder.
3. Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum Cleaner JK-2004 2000W price under 1 million
  • Vacuum Cleaner is also one of the best and most reputable family vacuum cleaner brands. Over the years it has been trusted by many consumers. Products of this company have designs of diverse designs, types. More specifically, this type of vacuum cleaner is the most trusted people.
Advantages :

The capacity of 2000W is quite strong. Equipped with 6 dust filter systems, detachable and washable dust bag, 360 degree vacuum cleaner.
Affordable, suitable for most families. It is also very easy to operate as a 360 degree rotary vacuum cleaner.

  • The downside of the machine is running quite noisy when used. Also, you should buy at reputable dealers for best warranty.
4. Electrolux Z2405 vacuum cleaner is extremely delicious and cheap
  • Make sure that Electrolux is a brand no stranger to the consumer. Because this is one of the best household vacuum cleaner brands today are popular with many consumers. The Z2405 family of vacuum cleaners is a compact pocket vacuum cleaner that is well-chosen by many. It guarantees two important criteria: big brand name and low price.
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  • Electrolux Z2405 vacuum cleaner is compact, easy to use, easy to move and compact.
  • At the same time, the powerful suction power lets you suck dust away with a capacity of 1,600W. It allows you to easily remove and clean the dust bag.
  • Another great thing is that it can be sucked in quite narrow positions, 4.5m long wire ...
  • This best household vacuum cleaner gets some bad repairs. Because it has only three nozzles, there is no strong, lightweight suction knob.
  • When operating the machine is quite noisy. Therefore, it is inconvenient for families with old and young children.
5. Vacuum Cleaner Panasonic PAHB-MC-CG300XN46 price range of 1,600,000
  • Panasonic is one of the leading brands of household goods. It is a big brand that captures the trust of customers. Therefore, the best household vacuum cleaner products of this company are always sold quite sensitive. The Panasonic CG300XN46 household vacuum cleaner is a compact family vacuum cleaner. This product satisfies the vacuum needs of families with small and medium floor area.
  • The advantage of this best household vacuum cleaner is that it has a modern, compact design and is very handy.
  • Modern Air Dust Catcher, in addition to the vacuum function, also has a very useful blow function.
  • Its price is also quite soft if compared with the same product of the famous brand peers.
The only exception to the vacuum cleaner PAHB-MC-CG300XN46 is the low suction power. At the same time the volume of dust bag is quite small about 1.4L so slightly inexplicably.

6. Panasonic vacuum cleaner MC-CL453 price less than 3 million

This is another Panasonic selling product. It is also rated not inferior to his brother, sister above. However, the best household vacuum cleaner MC-CL453 has many advantages over the CG300GN46. In contrast, its price is almost twice as high. Depending on your financial ability to choose the right product.

  • The MC-CL453 household vacuum cleaner helps you vacuum dust with a very powerful 1.800W power.
  • Beautiful design, elegant, easy adjusting suction power ...
  • At the same time it is equipped with many modern technology features such as Flex EZ vacuum, double edged gas system, adjustable variable suction power, HEPA filter ...
  • It costs more than other family vacuums of the same type.
  • In addition, the dust container is slightly 1.2 liters, so it is suitable only for small and medium sized households.
Máy hút bụi tốt nhất Panasonic PAHB-MC-CG300XN46 
7. Vacuum Cleaner Samsung VC18M21M0VN / SV
  • When it comes to Samsung, most people think of the smartphone. So many people are surprised by the multitude of household products called Samsung. Although not the leading brand of vacuum cleaners, the famous Korean brand still shows success in certain models. The best household vacuum cleaner Samsung VC18M21M0VN / SV is the right model for the small and medium family.
  • The Samsung Vacuum Cleaner VC18M21M0VN / SV is praised by many very fast, very powerful smokers.
  • At the same time, it has a capacity of 1,800W and turbocharger.
  • Equipped with an EPA filter for good dust classification, the NB 300 is a very good brush.
  • This machine is designed intelligent, easy to use, 24 months warranty to create peace of mind for customers.
  • The biggest downside to this best household vacuum cleaner is the noise level. If your family is old and young, it should be of more concern. Avoid buying loud noise machines that affect people's lives.
8. Vacuum Cleaner Zelmer ZVC215EP
  • Zelmer is one of the well-known household appliances brands from Poland. However, many people have never heard of this brand because the media is not as aggressive as other brands. If your area is large, the vacuum cleaner ZVC215EP will meet your needs quite well.

  • Dust bag 3 liters Safbag with HEPA filter. 9m long cable is very convenient.
  • The design is subtle, elegant and very handy. Minor noise is the strength of this home vacuum cleaner.
  • Many complain that the machine is not as tall as the cord and bag.
  • There is no electronic warranty, so it is very inconvenient if it fails.
9. Hitachi Vacuum Cleaner CV-SU23V

Hitachi is no stranger to us anymore. The products are always trusted by many people for quality as well as safety. The CV-SU23V Family Vacuum Cleaner is also a model with powerful vacuum capacity of Hitachi. The biggest difference is the 1.6 liter container. The best household vacuum cleaner CV-SU23V has the same advantages and disadvantages as the CV-BA22V mentioned above, you can read it again to get a better idea of ​​it.

10. Electrolux ZAR3500 Vacuum Cleaner

This is the best home vacuum cleaner medium size makes quite a lot of customers happy to use. The ZAR3500 Family Vacuum Cleaner best serves the needs of home vacuuming with a moderate dust collection area.

Advantages of this machine:
  • Suction with a capacity of 1,600W
  • Has flexible scroll wheel
  • Blast function with antimicrobial filter, deodorant Nano technology.
  • HEPA standard dust filter
  • The noise is quite small
  • Warranty service at the company is not good.
  • Contain dust from the container so it is less flexible when cleaning.
  • In summary, the "Top 10 best vacuum cleaner family in 2017" I have gathered for you the best vacuum cleaner products on the market. Hope that helps you to choose the product that suits each family needs.