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Not only have low-cost and mid-range industrial vacuum cleaners been attracting a great deal of attention from consumers, in the home vacuum cleaners segment, the cheap segment remains at the top of the charts. What kind of vacuum cleaner is the question, the concern of many customers. According to many vacuum cleaner retailers in Hanoi, the first place in the best selling product is the MC-CG240DN46 - a cheap product from Panasonic for approximately 1.3 - 1, VND4 million, not the product from Hitachi or Samsung.
Although not holding the leading position, but the vacuum cleaner family of Vietnam by LG and Samsung are always trusted by consumers when each of them have at least two product lines in the list. Best vacuum cleaner models for 2014 and early 2015. Most of the models in this segment are household vacuum cleaners using dust bags. Vacuum cleaners range from 1.8 to 2 million or more, most of which are vacuum cleaners using dust boxes. This segment, there are many branded products, good configuration and beautiful design, modern.
may hut bui gia re
In addition, according to THADACO 's THANHACO distributor, the vacuum cleaner market is expected to continue to grow strongly in the coming time because of the convenience of the user, fully meet the needs of use. Technology companies such as Hitachi, LG, Panasonic, Electrolux, Samsung ... are working hard to develop new vacuum cleaner products at low prices to increase competition on more advanced vacuum cleaners. It is anticipated that in the near future, the line of vacuum cleaner products will also have a strong growth and the response from households, shops ...
Here are the top sellers of the best sellers in the last months of 2015

Vacuum Cleaner Panasonic MC-CG240DN46

The Panasonic MCCG240DN46 vacuum cleaner with a compact design, powerful suction power, versatile 2-way vacuum and many useful features will definitely be the smart choice for your family. Especially, with a lightweight, modern design, this vacuum cleaner can be stored anywhere without worrying about occupying a lot of space.

  •  Dust bag capacity: 1.4L.
  •  Power consumption 850w,
  •  Dust capacity 250w,
  •  Electricity savings.
  •  No blown function,
  •  Compact design.
  •  Origin: Malaysia
Vacuum Cleaner Panasonic MC-CG300XN46

Panasonic MC-CG300XN46 vacuum cleaner with modern design and Panasonic's Air Dust Catcher can suck dust particles around the suction hose in the air. Eliminate dust or particles in the air near the floor, providing a safe and cool environment for children.
  •  Manufacturer: PANASONIC
  •  Voltage: 220V / 50Hz
  •  Maximum power: 850W
  •  Suction power: 250W
  •  Dust container capacity: 1.4 liters
  •  Weight (including accessories) (kg) 3.3 kg
  •  Power cord: 5 m
  •  Color: Green
Made in: Malaysia

Vacuum Cleaner Panasonic MC-CG331RN46

The Panasonic MC-CG300XN46 vacuum cleaner is a compact, lightweight 2.8 kg that is very convenient when moving or storing the vacuum cleaner. High performance and energy efficiency with a dust bag capacity of up to 1.4 liters provides more dust than a desk without the need for continuous dusting while cleaning the home. Two suction heads are suitable for you when used on clean surfaces. The product is very convenient for every family, and you will feel more comfortable with your home. A horizontal vacuum cleaner with wheels for easy and convenient transport
Máy hút bụi Panasonic MC-CG240DN46
  •  Voltage: 220V / 50Hz
  •  Maximum power: 850W
  •  Suction power: 250W
  •  Dust container capacity: 1.4 liters
  •  Weight (including accessories) (kg) 3.3 kg
  •  Power cord: 5 m
  •  Color: Green
Vacuum Cleaner LG VC2316NNDO

LG is one of the vacuum cleaner manufacturers in Vietnam. With its compact, elegant design, modern design and high vacuum efficiency, the efficient vacuum cleaner makes the LG VC2316NNDO household vacuum cleaner a smart choice for Vietnamese families. This is also the smart answer to the question: What kind of cheap vacuum cleaner should I buy?
New type of vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter technology. The LG-VC2316NNDO vacuum cleaner has a powerful suction power, and the "cyclone" image stabilizer can quickly absorb all the dirt in your home. Operating noise is only 82 Db, while the HEPA filter technology helps optimize the cleanliness of the dirt, ensuring the health of the whole family.
  • - Smoking carpet, corner hidden, mattress, salong
  • - Special designed cavity for anti-tangle and antibacterial.
  • - Adjust the ON / OFF mode easily on the machine.
  • - Two-piece stainless steel vacuum hose.
  • - Dust container easy to clean
  • - A lightweight suction cup that protects the floor.
  • - Low noise
  • - Easy to operate and very safe.
Vacuum Cleaner LG VC2316NNDR

LG Vacuum Cleaner offers the best in home cleaning, now you do not have to worry and spend as much time cleaning it as before. Vacuum Cleaner LG VC2316NNDR will make cleaning your home faster and easier than ever. The device has a large capacity, absorbs small particles and the suction head can be extended. Vacuum Cleaner LG VC2316NNDR is a product trusted by many households.
  •  Voltage: 220V / 50Hz
  •  Power: 1600W / 350W
  •  Use a 1.4 liter capacity dust bag
  •  Length of wire: 6m
  •  Noise: 82db
  •  Size: 27 x 40 x 27 (cm)
Made in Viet Nam
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