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Bài tập unit 3 tiếng Anh lớp 7
English 7 Page 1 UNIT 3 – AT HOME Bài tập 1. Fill in each gap with a suitable preposition: 1. “Where’s your father?” – “He’s __________ work. 2. We're talking __________ Lan's family. 3. A farmer works hard __________ morning __________ night. 4. My mother is a teacher. She works __________ a primary school. 5. Mr. Tuan is a journalist. He writes __________ "NhanDan". 6. There's a good house __________ 27 Hai Ba Trung Street. 7. I found a place __________ us to live in Hue. 8. It is the highest building __________ the city center. Bài tập 2. Cho dạng đúng của động từ trong ngoặc: 1. I always (meet) _______________ him on the corner of this street. 2. Where _____________ you (go) _____________ now? – I (go) _______________ to the theater. 3. He (not do) _______________ morning exercises regularly. 4. _______________ he (do) _______________ morning exercises now? 5. Water (boil) _______________ at 100 degrees centigrade. 6. He (meet) _______________ the dentist next week. 7. _______________ you (be) a good student? 8. They usually (not go) _______________ to school by motorbike. 9. He (swim) _______________ over there now. 10. She (come) _______________ here next month. Bài tập 3. Supply correct form of the following words to best fit these sentences. 1. That’s the _______________ one I have got. (cheap) 2. What an _______________ building! (amaze) 3. Thank you very much for a _______________ evening. (delight) 4. His elder brother works in a factory. He is _______________. (work) 5. There is a very _______________ movie on at the New Age Moive theater tonight. (interest) 6. What is the _______________ of that building? (high) 7. Are you going to the _______________ tomorrow? (meet) 8. Let’s go for a _______________ walk in the fresh air. (health) 9. His broken arm is still very _______________. (pain) 10. What is the _______________ and the _______________ of that bridge? (long / wide) Bài tập 4. Rewrite these following sentences keep meaning as the root ones: 1. No one in the group is taller than Trung.  Trung ________________________________________________________________________ 2. Do you have a better refrigerator than this?  Is this ________________________________________________________________________ 3. My house is the oldest one on the street.  No houses ____________________________________________________________________ 4. My house has a living room, a bed room and a kitchen.  There is ______________________________________________________________________ English 7 Page 2 5. No one can sing more beautifully than Madonna.  Madonna _____________________________________________________________________ 6. Why don’t we go to the beach for a change?  Let’s _________________________________________________________________________ 7. They live at 83 Son Tay Street.  Their _________________________________________________________________________ Bài tập 5. Choose the best option to complete the passage: California is the (1) _____ famous state in the USA. It isn’t (2) _____ biggest state; that’s Alaska, but it (3) _____ the largest population and it’s certainly the most important state (4) _____ the US economy. It’s richer (5) _____ most countries in the world. The coast has (6) _____ of the best climates in the USA; (7) _____ is warmer and dryer than most places. Some people would also (8) _____ it’s the most beautiful! But California has some (9) _____; Los Angeles has one of the worst crime rates (10) _____ any US city. 1. A. much B. many C. more D. most 2. A. a B. an C. the D. than 3. A. is B. be C. have D. has 4. A. of B. for C. at D. with 5. A. than B. as C. to D. with 6. A. a B. an C. the D. one 7. A. he B. she C. it D. state 8. A. say B. tell C. speak D. know 9. A. problem B. problems C. thing D. things 10. A. in B. among C. of D. as Bài tập 6. Read the passage andthen answer the questions. It is very hot in the summer and in the evenings nobody likes staying at home. People walk on the streets or sit in the open. We have special summer cinema and my friends and I often go there. There are tall trees all around and it is very cool. Sometimes the films are not very good, but we do not mind. The stars shine in a clear sky and there is often a large bright moon. We can forget the film and enjoy a pleasant evening. 1. Is it very hot in summer or is it cold? ________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Do people like to go out in the evening, or do they like stay at home? ________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Where do your friends and you often go? ________________________________________________________________________________ 4. Is it warm there, or is it cool? ________________________________________________________________________________ 5. Do you sometimes see bad films or do you always see good films? ________________________________________________________________________________ 6. Do you mind about this or not? ________________________________________________________________________________ 7. Do you always enjoy a pleasant evening or not? ________________________________________________________________________________ - THE END - 

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