27 Bài giảng Tiếng Anh 10 (Sách cũ) – Unit 10: Conservation – C: Listening mới nhất

WARM UP: Answering questions.

 Have you ever seen a forest fire?

 Where did you see it?

Do you think the forest fires cause lots of damage?

What may cause a forest fire?


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Unit 10: ConservationC: ListeningTeacher: Nguyen Thi NuWarmly welcome to our class Le Quy Don high schoolWARM UP: Answering questions.What do you see in the picture? => A FOREST FIRE. Have you ever seen a forest fire? Where did you see it?WARM UP: Answering questions.WARM UP: Answering questions.Do you think the forest fires cause lots of damage?What may cause a forest fire? Campfire butts of burning cigarettes lightingUNIT10:CONSERVATIONC: LISTENINGforester (n) : kiểm lâmNew words : I. BEFORE YOU LISTENawful (adj) /'ɔ:ful/ : khủng khiếpI. BEFORE YOU LISTENI. BEFORE YOU LISTENput out (v) dập tắtI. BEFORE YOU LISTENa heap of (v) một đốngI. BEFORE YOU LISTENcampfire (n): lửa trạiI. BEFORE YOU LISTENvaluable : có giá trịI. BEFORE YOU LISTENspread (v) : lan raforester (n) /'fɔristə/ : kiểm lâmawful (adj) /'ɔ:ful/ = unpleasant : khủng khiếpput out (v) : dập tắta heap of = a large quantity or amount: một đốngcampfire (n) /'kæmp faiər/ : lửa trạivaluable	 (adj) /'væljuəbl/ :có giá trị spread	 (v) /spred/ 	 : trải rộng, lan raVocabularyI. BEFORE YOU LISTENII. WHILE YOU LISTEN1. TASK 1: Number the events in the order you hear. a, A campfire near a heap of leaves may easily cause a forest fire. b, In late summer, fire is the greatest danger to forests, and sometimes people are not allowed to go into them. c, All of us must care for our great forests and save them from fire. d, It’s an unpleasant thing to see a great forest fire. e, A forest fire destroys valuable wood, wildlife and good soil.32514Once a fire has started, it takes time to spread.2. In late autumn, forests may easily catch fire. 3. Campers must use earth to put out their campfires completely.4. A forest fire may make life more difficult for all of us.5. It is the duty of every foresters to take care not to start a forest fire.FFTTF2.TASK 2: Decide whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F).It spreads quicklyIn late summereveryone of usListen again, and tick the sentences you hear.1. a, Have you ever seen a forest destroyed by fire? b. Have you ever seen a forest fire?2. a. A great forest fire spreads quickly. b. A great forest fire is an awful thing to see3. a. They are very dry then. b. Woods and forests are really dry then.3.TASK 3:1. How a forest fire may start:People leave a campfire burning near a heap of leaves.2. What every camper should remember?Campers must remember to put out their campfire and cover the place with earth.III. After you listenHomework Learn by heart all new words. Do the exercise at home.Prepare next lessonPart D- Writing 

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