27 Bài giảng Tiếng Anh 10 (Sách cũ) – Unit 13: Films and cinema – Lesson 1: Reading mới nhất

Task 1. Finding words







film-making industry

series of related events or actions

a period of ten years

quickly and in a short time

part of a film

a person in a film


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HELLO CLASS 10TN1!What film is this?124356Do you like films?Can you name some of the films you have seen?What kind of films do you like to see?cartoonscience fiction filmromantic filmcomedy filmaction filmUNIT 13: FILMS AND CINEMALesson 1. Readingvocabulary1. khán giảscene(n): cảnh phimsequence(n): chuỗidiscover(v): khám pháreplace(v): thế chỗTask 1. Finding words1. industryseries of related events or actionsa period of ten yearsquickly and in a short timepart of a filma person in a filmcharactercinemasequencedecaderapidlysceneTask 2. Reading for detailWhen did history of cinema begin?What did scientists discover at that time?Did films in the early day have sound?When were audiences able to see long films?When was sound introduced?What form of films appeared as the old silent films were being replaced by spoken ones?Task 3. Choosing the best title for the passageThe story of a Film MakerA brief of History of cinemaThe history of the film IndustryTrue or False statements1. In 19th century, history of cinema began 2. In the first two decades of its existence, the cinema didn’t develop rapidly 3. By 1905, films were about 30 minutes long 4. Films became even longer and better from 1915 5. The cinema changed completely at the end of the 1910sAccording to the passage, each following statement is true or falseTTFFF(develop)(1920s)(5-10 mins)Learn vocabulary by heartPrepare for the next lessonHOMEWORKGoodbye class!Correct answersIn the early 19th century, history of film began.At that time, the scientists discovered that when a sequence of still pictures was set in motion, they could give the feeling of the movement.No, they didn’tIn the early 1910sAt the end of 1920sThe musical cinema Phim khoa học viễn tưởngScience fiction filmPhim hàiComedy filmPhim tình cảm, lãng mạngRomantic filmPhim hoạt hìnhCartoonPhim hành độngaction filmLUCKY NUMBER!!Audience sequence

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