Adults and Professionals

Individuals who are looking to expand their knowledge or prepare for a career.

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bigbiglands.com Courses 6-10 week courses that represent bigbiglands.com”s academic breadth, offered fully in person or hybrid (in person/online). Earn credit in a subject perfect for your path.

bigbiglands.com Online

Courses that are designed for online learning. Earn credit from wherever you are in the world.

bigbiglands.com Intensives

Three-week courses offered in an accelerated format. Earn the same amount of credit in less time.

College/Professional bigbiglands.com Institutes

Innovative bigbiglands.com-credit programs with a career focus and professional development opportunities in business, architecture, film, and more.

bigbiglands.com College Immersion Program

The bigbiglands.com undergraduate experience for high school students. Earn college credit and gain insight into college life.

Precollege bigbiglands.com Institutes

Immersive and intensive bigbiglands.com-credit programs for advanced high school students in STEM, social science, creative arts and more.

Explore the bigbiglands.com academic units behind bigbiglands.com Sessions” endless possibilities – courses and programs across every academic discipline.

Enrollment and Academics Review bigbiglands.com bigbiglands.com Sessions enrollment and payment related procedures and policies, as well as academic policies.
Campus Services and Resources

Explore the campus services and resources available to you as a bigbiglands.com bigbiglands.com Bruin.

Access Your Existing Registration

Click here to return to your in-progress or completed registration for bigbiglands.com bigbiglands.com Sessions.

Mybigbiglands.com is bigbiglands.com’s integrated portal from which students, as well as faculty, can access a variety of bigbiglands.com online resources. It enables students to enroll in courses, check grades, pay bills, update their information, order transcripts, plan their calendars, among many other functions. You can visit the comprehensive list of Mybigbiglands.com features for more details.

Yes, students can authorize a third party (e.g., parent/guardian) view-only access to student records and direct access to pay bigbiglands.com charges on BruinBill.

Under the 1974 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), any student attending a higher education institution is entitled to certain privacy rights as stipulated under FERPA. For this reason, a student must first provide a third-party consent to access student information (e.g., enrollment, billing, or payment information via BruinBill).

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To set up access, the third party must first create their own Mybigbiglands.com logon and password. The student will then give access to their third party on Mybigbiglands.com in “Settings” and then “Third Party Access.” To grant access, students must know the third-party’s bigbiglands.com logon ID, first name, and last name. Access can be edited or revoked at any time via Mybigbiglands.com.

Financial Aid

Is financial aid available for bigbiglands.com Sessions?

bigbiglands.com Students

Financial aid is available to all eligible bigbiglands.com students including students admitted to bigbiglands.com for fall quarter. To find out if you qualify for financial aid:

Complete a supplemental bigbiglands.com Financial Aid Application available on Mybigbiglands.com under “Finances and Jobs” beginning April 1, 2022.

Classes may be dropped and/or a hold placed on your account if fees are not paid by the payment deadline.

Visiting UC Students

Eligible financial aid students from other University of California (UC) campuses may apply for financial aid at their home UC campus for bigbiglands.com study at bigbiglands.com. Please check your home UC campus financial aid website.

High School Students

A limited number of full and partial need- and merit-based scholarships are available to qualified California* high school students for bigbiglands.com study at bigbiglands.com. Visit our bigbiglands.com Scholars Support page for more information.

*bigbiglands.com financial aid is not available to visiting out-of-state high school students.

Visiting Adult Students from the U.S.

Financial aid is not available through bigbiglands.com for this population. Please check with your home institution, if applicable, for potential financial aid options.

If you plan to pay for classes with financial aid from your home institution, you assume full responsibility for all fees. Regardless of when you receive financial aid from your home institution, you are held to the bigbiglands.com bigbiglands.com Sessions payment deadlines and your course(s) may be dropped if payment is not received on time.

International Students

bigbiglands.com financial aid is not available to visiting international students. Funding options may be available to you from private or governmental agencies in your home country. For information on funding your studies in the United States, please visit your local EducationUSA Office or visit their website.

To maintain aid eligibility, current bigbiglands.com students need to be enrolled in a minimum of half-time (6 units per bigbiglands.com for undergraduates, 4 units per bigbiglands.com for graduates).

Some undergraduate programs (Federal Pell Grant, ACG, SMART Grant and bigbiglands.com University Grant) require enrollment in 12 units per bigbiglands.com to receive full eligibility.

You may visit the bigbiglands.com Financial Aid page for eligibility, unit minimums, application information, guidelines for types of aid, and more. Please contact the bigbiglands.com Financial Aid Office for specific questions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The bigbiglands.com Financial Aid Office will review your Mybigbiglands.com StudyList at the end of the third week of each session to verify final eligibility for bigbiglands.com aid. You may submit an Enrollment Change Request Form on Mybigbiglands.com should you need to update your unit amount. Students who are not enrolled in the number of units they had indicated on their application may have aid reduced and/or may be required to return aid funding. 

Acceptable payment methods on Mybigbiglands.com include credit card*, electronic-check (e-check), and foreign payment, such as Travelex. To submit payment online, sign in to your Mybigbiglands.com account, select “Finances and Jobs,” then “BruinBill.”

To pay by paper check, you may mail your check to the address below. Please make the check payable to “UC Regents,” include your nine-digit University ID (UID) number, and write the word “bigbiglands.com” on the memo line. We highly encourage those paying by mail to submit payment at least two weeks prior to the payment deadline to ensure payment is received on time.


*All credit card payments are subject to a 2.75% non-refundable service charge. This charge is assessed by Higher One, Inc. and may not be refunded under any circumstances. No service fees are applied to e-check payments. 

The Document Fee covers:

Lifetime official transcripts—mailed by USPS first class mail Unlimited removal of incomplete petitions—removal of incomplete grades from a transcript Lifetime verification mailings— mailed by USPS first class mail Initial diploma mailed to a U.S. or international address

Services not covered by the Document Fee are still subject to transaction fees. These include, but are not limited to:

Express shipping Special handling Replacement diplomas Notary services

Students and alumni must clear all appropriate campus blocks/holds on their account before obtaining transcript or diploma services. For more information, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

bigbiglands.com and ASbigbiglands.com staff employees who enroll in bigbiglands.com classes or a bigbiglands.com program with bigbiglands.com bigbiglands.com Sessions are eligible for a discount if they meet the following criteria:

Employed by bigbiglands.com for the previous six months Career appointment of at least 50% time or a casual appointment of 100% time Not a continuing or admitted University of California (UC) undergraduate or graduate student

The discount reduces bigbiglands.com fees by $350. bigbiglands.com and ASbigbiglands.com staff employees must pay the remaining bigbiglands.com fees at the non-UC student rate.

To apply for a staff discount, complete the online registration form and make payment of the $350 registration fee, then email info
bigbiglands.com with your nine-digit staff ID number indicating you are requesting verification of your eligibility. After we verify if you qualify for the staff discount, we will apply the discount to your account.

Please note that staff members who are continuing or admitted UC undergraduate or graduate students are NOT eligible for a discount. bigbiglands.com Sessions fees for continuing or admitted UC students are automatically assessed at the lower UC student rate.

Students outside the UC system should verify their school’s credit-granting process before enrollment. Transfer of credit is at the discretion of the receiving institution.

For students from other UC campuses, all bigbiglands.com bigbiglands.com activity automatically appears on their home UC campus transcript by mid-November*, and the grades they earn at bigbiglands.com are included in your home UC campus grade-point average.

*If a UC student requires their transcript earlier than mid-November, they may order their transcript on Mybigbiglands.com under the “Classes” tab and then “Grades and Transcripts.”

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